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Application for Endorsement

Please note: A requirement for endorsement by the SCDCC is acknowledgement, at the time of your interview, that you have read the current California Democratic Party Platform. This can be found on the Home page link to CA Dem Party:, click on or scroll over Activist Resources for drop down menu, then click on Platform.

The Party Platform (current Dec. 7 2021) is also located at:

You may submit a resume and campaign materials (if available, requires Google login) at this location:

You may also submit the materials via email to

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I-2. Is this a campaign or personal email address?
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I certify, if I complete this application, that I will have read the California Democratic Party Platform, and that if I have not read it at the time of my interview, I agree I will have by virtue of failing to do so, have been deemed to have withdrawn my application. *
I certify, if I complete this application, that I am registered voter, as a member of the Democratic Party. *
I certify, if I complete this application, that I have and I will support Sonoma County Public Health Recommendations and if elected, will work to implement Sonoma County Public Health Orders, particularly those relating to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. (See, e.g., "Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick To No Longer Enforce Public Health Orders", CBS SF, May 28, 2020.) *
I certify, if I complete this application, that I have and I will support the holding of lawfully called public meetings in Sonoma County, and will not myself and will not encourage others to use constitutionally guaranteed assembly or petition rights to disrupt the conduct of such meetings in the future. (See, e.g., "Stunning Images as a Mob Storms the U.S. Capitol," NY Times, January 7, 2021.) *
If this application is made before the close of the nominating period for your race, are you interested in an early endorsement?
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I-3. Candidate Name:
I-4 Office Sought:
I-5. Address:
I-6. Phone Number:
I-7. Registered Party Affiliation:
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I-8. Campaign Manager/Consultant Name.
 If "none," please state.
I-9. Campaign Manager/Consultant Address:
I-10. Campaign Manager/Consultant Phone & Email:
I-11. Campaign Treasurer Name:
I-12. Campaign Treasurer Address:
I-13. Campaign Treasurer Phone & Email:
II. Campaign Organization, II-1. Is this your first campaign? If not, please list your other campaigns.
II-2. How do you plan to reach voters?
II-3. Where do you expect to get your political and volunteer support?
II-4. What is your campaign budget?
II-5. How do you plan to raise the funds?
II-6. List your top three endorsements
II-7. List your top three (in dollar amount) sources of campaign contributions.
II-8. What are your FEC & FPPC #’s?
III. Experience and History, III-1. What is your current job and place of work, if any?
III-2. Of what community, professional and/or advocacy groups are you a member?
III-3. What are your relevant skills, experiences, or education that qualify you to hold this office?
IV. Campaign Issues, IV-1. Why are you seeking this elected office?
IV-2. What do you see as the major issues in this campaign?
IV-3. What are the most important goals that you hope to accomplish while in office?
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