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Face-to-face ALTO Board Meeting
Survey for best face-to-face meeting place
Survey for best face-to-face meeting place
Choose 1 if you will attend this conference and you can attend an ALTO board meeting held in conjunction with it.
Choose 2 if there is a good chance that you will attend this conference.
Choose 3 if there is no chance at all that you will attend the conference..
I'll be there!
No chance!
IFLA IT and News Media mid-year conference Apr 27-28 Reykjavik IS [no website yet]
DPLAfest 2017 Apr 21-22 Chicago IL USA []
2nd Annual IIIF Conference Jun 6-9 Vatican []
DATech 2017 Jun 1-2 Göttingen DE []
News Media satellite meeting Aug 16-18 Dresden DE [no website yet]
WLIC 2017 Aug 19-15 Wrocław PL []
iPRES 2017 Sep 25-29 Kyoto JP []
2017 DLF Forum + 2017 NDSA Digital Preservation Oct 23-26 Pittsburgh PA USA []
ICDAR 2017 Nov 10-15 Kyoto JP []
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