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European Female DJ Survey
Future Female Sounds has received funding from the European Commission - Creative Europe programme, to produce the first European Female DJ Summit together with partners SheSaidSo and female:pressure. The summit is intended to take place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2021, and an open call will be launched available to all female and gender minority DJs in the EU.

This survey gathers a list of questions for female and gender minority (womxn) DJs in Europe. It aims to investigate and map out the current trends, challenges, and status of womxn DJs across Europe. The data from this survey is anonymised, and will be presented in a digital DJ Guide, aimed at strengthening the position of womxn DJs across Europe.

This survey is open to full time and part time DJs who are willing to give their feedback on what they consider to be their profession or hobby.

Certain questions in this survey are inspired by L' Appel du 8 Mars survey, published in November 2020.

It would be amazing if you could take 5 minutes of your time to answer our survey.

TW: Please note the last part of the survey may trigger some on sensitive topics, such as harassment and discrimination.

Thank you for helping us build a stronger community,

Future Female Sounds
Which country are you from? *
How old are you?
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What gender do you identify with? *
Educational Background *
Are you a fulltime DJ? *
How many years have you been DJ'ing? *
What genres do you play? *
What is your DJ set up? *
How would you describe your status as DJ? *
Are you part of a female/non-binary/trans DJ collective? *
Are you part of a female/non-binary/trans DJ Network? *
If yes, which network are you part of? *
Which European female-led music networks, radios, or organizations can you list?
Which kind of venue do you get booked for the most? *
Who takes care of your management and bookings? *
How do you usually get a booking/DJ Gig? *
Have you been booked for a large scale festival 10.000+ attending? *
In the last few years, on a monthly basis, how frequently did you play in bars/clubs/festivals (all venues combined)? *
What is your acclaim? *
Do you get paid for your gigs? *
How much do you usually charge for a gig? Please state the amount in accordance with 1. bars - xx Euros 2. clubs - xx Euros 3. festivals - xx Euros 4. radio/live stream - xx Euros 5. Corporate/Private - xx Euros *
How are you usually remunerated? *
What do you get booked for the most? *
How does a venue/location greet you? *
What skills do you feel you are lacking to advance your career? *
Do you need access to professional networking in the DJ industry? *
Do you have the privilege to become a full-time DJ if you would like to? *
If not, what is holding you back?
Have you ever experienced gender-based discrimination? *
Have you ever experienced age-based discrimination?
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Have you experienced objectification as a womxn in the DJ industry? *
Have you experienced objectification as a womxn in visual marketing, by bookers, promoters, clubs or festivals? *
Do you believe that genre discrimination of womxn DJs take place? *
For example, getting booked for mixing techno, but not Hip-Hop.
Have you experienced genre-based discrimination linked to racism? *
During your career as DJ, have you experienced harassment/discrimination? *
If yes, please specify:
Have you experienced being booked as a token? *
Have you experienced stigma from being a womxn DJ in terms of motherhood? *
If you were exposed to a serious case of discrimination or harassment, would you report it? *
Have you been invited to livestream a set during the covid-19 pandemic, and did you get paid for it? *
If yes, which musical platform/social media have you used/been invited to perform on?
Do you know how to, and have the equipment, to livestream by yourself? *
How have you financially supported yourself during the pandemic COVID-19? *
How do you see your career post COVID-19? *
Thank you for taking the time to answer our survey! Do you have anything else to share with us?
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