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WE1S Zotero Bibliography Collection Form
Use this form to send bibliographic information about your sources for the WE1S project to the WE1S Zotero bibliography editors. Fill out a separate form for each individual work.
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Later in this form, you will be asked for convenient item identifiers such as ISBN numbers or DOIs that are the quickest way for Zotero to generate citations. However, first enter here whatever citation information you have in plain text form (author, title, year, publisher, page numbers). This will assist WE1S bibliography editors in locating and disambiguating the work. Also, this serves as a sanity check for citations generated from item identifiers.
Source author, title, journal, publication year, publisher, pages. (Enter here whatever citation information you have for the work).
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TYPE OF WORK. (This is especially useful for non-traditional kinds of works such as projects, software, Github repositories, etc., and will help the WE1S Bibliography editors choose the right citation kind in Zotero.)
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Where possible, enter below at least one kind of item identifier. Zotero can usually use any one of the following kinds of identifiers to generate complete citations automatically. In the case of URLs, enter the URL for the web page of a work or of a page containing citation data.

(For example, the URL of a conference proceedings page containing an abstract and citation data is usually enough for Zotero to generate the proper citation. In the case of articles from JStor or other databases, enter the "stable" URL for the article. URLs are also appropriate for born-digital work types such as blogs, web sites and projects, etc.)

ISBN (10 or 14 digit version)
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URL (web page for the work or containing citation information.)
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Suggested Zotero tag(s).
Tags should be suggested according to the rules of parsimony (only tags you think WE1S as a whole or a report you are writing will use functionally to categorize materials); standardization (look to see if you can use an existing tag in the WE1S Zotero library); and brevity (short tags preferred).
Tag(s) (No punctuation or hyphens inside a tag name, though spaces are fine.)
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COMMENTS- please provide any needed comments/notes on challenges, exceptions, and/or any other pertinent information for this source
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