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Battle for the Bully Application
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Our application is very detailed. The questions in this application will help us determine which dog will fit with your lifestyle. Please answer ALL questions to ensure a successful match.  
I certify that all information provided on this application is accurate to the best of my ability:
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Our foster applicants go through the same process as our adopters. Please complete the FULL APPLICATION. Missing information will result in an immediate denial. *
Adopters are responsible for transportation of their adoptive Bully. We do not allow commercial air travel or multi-dog transport. Please review description of Bully as location will be listed. *
I've read the FAQ's on the website and meet requirements to apply: *
Referred By:
Are you applying to foster or adopt? *
What dog are you interested in adopting or fostering?
Have you read the dogs full BIO?
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Have you applied to any other Rescues? If so, who?
If the dog you are interested in adopting or fostering is determined not to be a fit for your home, are you still interested in proceeding with your application for another possible match?
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Name (First/Last):
Address: (include city, state and zip code)
How long have you lived at this address? If less than a year, please provide previous address.
Contact Number:
Best communication method?
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Do you work from home?
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Does your job require travel? If so, how often?
Co-Applicant Name:
Co-Applicant Contact Number:
Co-Applicant Employer:
Co- Applicant Occupation:
Do you work from home?
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Does your job require travel? If so, how often?
Co-Applicant Age:
Other residents besides Self and Spouse living in the home? If yes, please list names, ages and relationship. (Please review dogs bio as each dog will have an age limit in regards to children in the home due to their temperament.)
If no children are living in the home, will the dog have any interaction with children?
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Own or Rent?
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Type of residence:
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If you rent, please list the name and number of landlord: Note: If you rent and this information is missing the application WILL NOT be processed
Are there any dog restrictions on pets? If so, please explain:
Size of living area? (sq. ft)
Do you have stairs in your home?
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Do you have a fenced yard?
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If yes, type and height of fence:
Do you have a pool?
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If yes, above ground or in ground? Please provide details: (example, is it secure)
How do you plan to exercise your dog? (walks, hikes, yard play)
Your primary veterinarian will be contacted. Please notify them and give them permission to speak to us about your pets medical history. *
Please provide Veterinarian Name and phone number: If we are missing any vet contact information the application WILL NOT be processed. *
How many dogs do you own or have owned within the last 10 years? Please provide the name, breed, age, gender, whether the dog is altered and living or deceased.
If you have an unaltered dog, please explain why.
Are your dogs on Heartworm preventatives? If so, what brand? Note: Rescues spend thousands of dollars a year to treat HW+ dogs. It is a REQUIREMENT that all dogs are on preventatives and history can be provided. If history can NOT be provided, please close out of the application. UNLESS there is a medical reason the dog can't be on preventatives (ex. seizures) *
Do you have experience with special needs dogs? If so, please explain
How many hours will the dog be left alone?
Where will the dog be kept when family is gone? (ex. crate, free roam, bedroom)
Do you have a Pet Camera? Please select:
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Do you have a dog door?
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Do you have transportation?
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What type of collar do you use? Types of collars: *
Home visits are permitted as part of the application process. Are you willing to allow a home visit? *
Are you in the military?
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If yes, where will the dog stay if you're deployed?
Does anyone in your family have allergies?
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Any physical impairments? This DOES NOT prohibit adoption. This simply helps us determine which dog may be best based on impairments.
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Where will the dog stay if you're away for extended periods? (ex. vacation, work travel)
Do you own any other pets besides a dog? If so, please list:
Have you ever owned a Bully?
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How would you encourage and reinforce your dog's good behavior?
How would you prevent and manage your dog's bad behavior?
Who will be the primary caretaker?
What are your thoughts on dog crates?
Personal Reference One: Name, contact number and email address:
Personal Reference Two: Name, contact number and email address:
It takes a dog a minimum of 30 days to settle in with a new family and a new routine. Are you willing to give your new adopted dog the time he/she needs to adapt to their new life? *
If you answered "No" to allowing the dog 30 days to adapt to their new life, please explain the conditions which would prevent this.
Other comments or questions:
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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