Voices of Birralee Alumni Alliance

To celebrate twenty years and our rich heritage of singers, we are stepping into exciting times and formalizing an Alumni Alliance!

This talented group of young adults share fond memories of past Birralee experiences and will have spent many years developing their vocal skills and literacy. At the discretion of the Music Director, members of the Alumni Alliance will be invited to perform in major concerts or symphonic works which require an extra boost of singers.

To kick off the Alumni Alliance we would like to give you an opportunity to sing as part of the Voices of Birralee contingency in QPAC’s 30th Anniversary Celebration of Spirit of Christmas on 18th & 19th December.

If you would like to sign up for Spirit of Christmas, please review and accept the commitment below and submit. Please note that whilst we recognize that sometimes a rehearsal is missed due to circumstances beyond control, we are unable to accommodate a ‘part’ commitment and your sign up needs to be done with the intention to be at all performances and as many rehearsals as possible.

If you are unable to commit on this occasion, but would like to be considered for future projects, such as Carmina Burana in August 2016, please indicate on the form below.

The application to join our Alumni Alliance is at no extra cost to those who sang with us in the Anniversary celebrations ( as a fee was already charged for this) . However if you didn't sing with the alumni at the recent concert and would like to sign up for Spirit of Christmas (or future projects in 2016) there will be a modest cost, which is determined on a project by project basis and will take into consideration all overheads. For Spirit of Christmas, this cost is $55.

Please proceed to the next page and submit at the bottom of the form no later than November ASAP.

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