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Restaurant Worker Outreach
Please share with us some of your experiences related to the industry to help us advocate for the needs of Pittsburgh area restaurant workers and their families. This survey is administered by members of Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid and any identifying or contact information that is shared will be kept confidential. Sharing identifying information is voluntary and not required to complete the survey. If you are in need of support but do not want to provide your contact information, you may reach out to us directly at
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Have you ever worked in the restaurant industry? *
If yes, did you work front-of-house (FOH) or back-of-house (BOH)?
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Were you working in the restaurant industry on or before March 16, 2020? *
Which of the following best describes your employment status after March 16, 2020? *
Are you currently working in the restaurant industry?
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Were you hesitant to go back to the restaurant industry at any point during the pandemic? *
If you were hesitant to return to the restaurant industry during the pandemic, which of the following contributed to your hesitancy? Check all that apply. *
Do you believe any of the issues listed above were problems in the restaurant industry before the pandemic? Check all that apply. *
Has the pandemic changed your feelings about working in the restaurant industry? Please explain in 300 words or less.
Are you currently eligible for unemployment compensation? *
If you never applied for UC, why didn't you?
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Did you experience any of the following issues with the PA unemployment benefits system? Check all that apply.
If yes, would you be willing to share your unemployment experience so we can better advocate for unemployed/underemployed restaurant workers?
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If yes, please provide us with your name and contact information (email address and/or phone number) so that we can follow up:
Are you currently in need of any of the following resources related to financial, housing, utilities, food, healthcare, mental health, or other forms of assistance? Please provide your contact info if you select any of these options so we can help connect you with what you need.
If you need assistance with getting connected to resources, please provide your name and contact information (email address and/or phone number) so that we can follow up:
Age (all demographic information is optional and will be kept anonymous):
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Years spent working in the restaurant industry:
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ZIP code:
Thank you for providing us with your insight. Any identifying information that you have provided will be kept confidential, and if you have chosen not to provide your contact information, all survey answers are fully anonymous. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to add. If you have further questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach out to us at
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