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Imagine you are in the classroom educating the future citizens of tomorrow. You know your students' potential but are having difficulty helping them truly connect to themselves, each other and the planet. You look online but are instantly overwhelmed by dozens of suggestions that are disorganized and not tailored to your immediate needs.

Now, picture searching Kikori on the internet and seconds later there are customized suggestions for lessons and activities, spanning across all grades and covering important standards like the Common Core, Social Emotional Learning standards and 21st Century Skills. Kikori's mission is to revolutionize education through infusing experiential education practices into educational institutions around the world. We believe through experiential education, educators can help students connect with themselves, others and the planet.

The goal of the Beta Beta program (one Beta better than your average Beta program!) is to provide passionate educators and facilitators with the Kikori app so we can hear what you like, don't like and think would be super cool. The program will work in two-month shifts. At the end of your two months, we ask that you give us feedback through a survey or in-person (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts) conversation. Following this, we will send updates to the users and begin a new round of users, during which you can continue if you please.

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