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SOAR Carson-Newman Project Application
SOAR is Carson-Newman University's crowdfunding platform for community fundraising. Crowdfunding offers our donors a new avenue to provide support directly to the specific projects, programs, and student groups at the university that are most meaningful to them.

Crowdfunding also helps our faculty and students achieve their philanthropic goals. Crowdfunding ideas can include innovative projects, service trips, events, research, and other C-N related initiatives.

To help you get started, here is a brief description of what it will take for your project to be successful.

3 Project Phases
QUIET PHASE (campaign pre-launch)

• This phase should begin approximately 4-6 weeks before the project’s launch date.
• This time will be spent getting your campaign ready (writing content, creating videos, compiling your email list, developing strategies, etc.).
• Your group will have several meetings with the SOAR Carson-Newman coordinator to help you develop and plan your project.

ACTIVE PHASE (campaign launch)

• This phase will last 30-45 days and constitutes the live campaign.
• These weeks are crucial! During the campaign, team members are expected to send out at least six (6) email “asks” to their personal contact lists, make four (4) or more updates to their project page, push out asks via social media, and otherwise make themselves available to answer questions about and raise awareness around their project.

FULFILLMENT PHASE (post-campaign)

• After the project, groups are responsible for sending out thank-you emails, final updates, and any promised perks to donors.
• Remember—making your donors feel special now means that they will want to come back and support your next project.

If you and your team think you can successfully work through these three phases, continue on to the application!

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