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Puentes: Charlas Volunteer Application 2019
Volunteers are expected to volunteer once a month.
Charlas are given every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00pm and last on average 20-30 minutes
Volunteers must arrive no later than 6:50 pm on their designated date.

Application requirements:
i. Must be able to speak fluent/advanced Spanish
ii. Must be available Mondays and/or Wednesdays
iii. Must be willing to submit a criminal background check before the start of their service

Program Summary:
Puentes de Salud's Charla program features weekly discussions, or charlas, on a wide range of topics, led by volunteers in the Puentes clinic. The charlas are informative talks through which we engage the patients to discuss topics that affect the Latino community in South Philadelphia. Topics include education, legal rights, wellness, and chronic illnesses such as cholesterol, diabetes, nutrition, and cardiovascular health. Charlas are given in the form of a conversational and enthusiastic presentation entirely in Spanish every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00pm and last ~20-30 minutes in length. Volunteers will have the unparalleled opportunity to work and to learn at the intersection of healthcare, social justice, migration, and education in a community-based environment. This is a great opportunity to get connected with the Puentes team and its partner organizations; develop your public speaking skills and Spanish at the same time; and most importantly to help invigorate and empower the health and wellness of this vibrant community.

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How would you describe your ability to verbally communicate in Spanish? Please reflect on your abilities honestly as you will have to present in front of people entirely in Spanish. *
Detail your experience teaching or in health education. No previous experience is required to apply. *
Please record yourself saying the following passage in Spanish: "Hello. My name is _________. I am a volunteer here at Puentes de Salud and today I will be discussing vaccines. Please stop me with any questions you may have." Use voice memo on your phone or any similar app and upload the file. Note: we are not looking for a direct translation, just how you would convey this introduction in Spanish. *
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