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MDC DSA Discussion: A Carbon Fee & Rebate Policy in DC?
On Monday 2/26, Metro DC DSA's Climate & Environmental Justice Committee has invited representatives from "Put a Price On It DC" to discuss their campaign for a rising fee on carbon pollution that is designed to equitably return funds to District residents & reinvest in DC’s transition to a clean energy economy (

Metro DC DSA has not yet endorsed this campaign — this committee meeting will feature an open discussion and Q&A that will inform whether we should, and if so, what we can do to support it.

Please let us know of any questions or concerns that you'd like to see discussed at the meeting about this policy!

What questions or concerns do you have about this campaign for a carbon fee-and-rebate policy in DC? *
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Materials to consider:
Check out these reading materials for more info about the proposed policies, and feel free to submit more materials in the form above that it may be useful for us to consider.

- "Put a Price On It" campaign FAQs:
- "Carbon Fee-and-Rebate Policy in Washington, DC: A Macroeconomic Analysis, August 2017":
- "Carbon Tax & Social Dividends" - a Next System Project interview with advocates Camila Thorndike & Jeremiah Lowery:
- "The Steps to Ecosocialism" - thoughts on how & under what circumstances carbon fee-and-dividend policies can fit into a broader ecosocialist vision, from Ian Angus & John Bellamy Foster:

RSVP to the event!
Please join us for the discussion on Monday, 2/26, from 6:30-8:30pm at the Petworth Neighborhood Library!

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