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Individual parent / volunteer information will be gathered through this Google Form.
These need to be completed by anyone who is working with JPC students in coaching or volunteering role.

The EOTC Co – Coordinator will collate it all to a PDF and can be used when completing EOTC forms - and saving extra paperwork for you to fill out each season or camp.

All parents / volunteers will also have to complete a police check which once completed will be valid for 3 years (see separate attachment)
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What co - curricular activities are you / or would you like to be involved with at JPC *
Please give the specific activity below and information on any skills / qualifications you have in the activity (e.g Cricket - NZC Level 1 coach) *
Do you have a first aid certificate *
If yes - please give the details below - expiry date
Do you a current drivers licence? *
If Yes please give the following details - licence number *
What type of licence do you have *
Can you swim 200m confidently? *
Can you tread water for 3 minutes? *
Could you swim out in deep water and rescue a student? *
Any other comments on swimming abilty
Please gives details of your EOTC experience in EOTC day trips? *
Please give details of your experience in EOTC multi night trips? *
Please give details of any outdoor qualifications / experience you have
Do you have any major medical details we should be aware of? *
If Yes - Please comment below on medical details or speak with the TIC before event
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