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A Open Form: Help and Aid for the Ridgefield Community
To our fighting friends, family, and active allies - THANK YOU for your time and interest in this form, and for recognizing that the giving relationship of struggle and aid is a generative, and lasting one. Yes, this epidemic is current, but the mutual aid and connections we build will bless our lives exponentially once this is over. Please handle this form with care, and be respectful in honoring both the work and workers organizing to build a committed, intentional community. With this form, the St. Stephen's relief group will be cataloging both the needs and services of the Ridgefield people, so that we can be productively systematic in the ways we provide aid and relief. Consequently, the personal information you provide (name, age, address, contact) are important for this cataloging, so please supply any/as much information as you can. Peace <3
What is your name? (First, Last) *
What is your age/age group? *
Is there any aspect of your identity that you feel would be helpful in us knowing so we can know how best to assist you? (i.e. race, class, ability, gender orientation, etc)
What is your address? *
What is your phone number? (best to reach you at) *
What is your email? (best to reach you at?) *
If you are in need of service, please list below your needs and concerns for this time. Select all that apply.
If you are able to offer services, please select what you can provide. Most of these can be done remotely, though we will need a wide team of volunteers for running errands. Our commitment and organization keeps us all safe!
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