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AURORA Artist Grants: Application Form
AURORA 2018 artists grant program is requesting proposals from Dallas-based artists and collectives for site-specific artwork to be presented the week of October 26 - November 3, 2018 for AURORA: Future Worlds.

Submission Deadline: August 6, 2018
Grant Budget: $2,000.00 USD

The general, underlying curatorial theme for AURORA 2018 is Future Worlds, which invites artists to imagine a series of possible futures. Whether dystopian or utopian, sci-fi or retro-futuristic, proposals should aim to open a dialogue about how we collectively envision our Future Worlds. AURORA Grantees are selected to complement the overall curatorial theme of the event.

Please read the submission criteria pdf that you can download on the website before filling out the application form. *
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The committee will select the venue for the accepted grants proposals. But we would like to know if you have a preferred venue for your project?
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