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FBLA Competitive Event Sign-up Form
Please choose one competitive event for Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) or choose one State-only competition below:
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Individual Events (objective test only) (Top 3 or 4 advance to States)
School-Site Competitive Events (Production test and 100-question objective test--individual only for Events 1 through 4) (Top 2 or 3 advance to States)
One member/team at RLC (First place only advances to States)
Team Competitive Events (objective test/team collaboration of 2 or 3/no performance at RLC) (Top 3 advance to States)
Performance Competitive Events (performed at RLC) (Top 2 advance to States)
State-only Competitive Events (does not compete at the RLC) Entries due Dec. 6, 2018 (Top 10 in State invited to States to compete)
National-related Competitive Events (may qualify directly for national conference, no region or state competition, multiple individuals/teams may enter, NLC qualifiers invited to SLC for recognition, may do in addition to an event checked above)
Chapter Only Competitive Events (no region competition, may do in addition to an event check above, needs multiple members to make it work with a dedicated member to be chairperson)
If you have chosen a team event, please list your team members.
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