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Haukankierros torstaina 28.4.
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The storm has felled trees. Even the upright trees, spruces, look dry and have dropped most of their needles. What is it about? What is the underlying phenomenon?
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The picture shows Finnish geodiversity. What is this formation called?  What is the underlying phenomenon?
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The birch has already fallen. How old are the trees in Finland before they fall? What are the lumps on a tree trunk? What is their significance?
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Find the largest tree possible. Measure its circumference with a meter. Take a picture of yourself where you hug wood! Is the bark warm? What does wood smell like?
Snow comes in many forms. Now the snow is melting. Shape a ball out of the snow, feel how it melts in your hand. How cold is the snow against your cheek? What does the snow smell like? Do you dare to taste?
The sound world of the forest is very varied. What sounds of nature do you hear?
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Can you find different birds with binoculars?
Can you find the species in the picture in nature?
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