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Bookstagram Tour for Lost Days by A.S. Kelly

Welcome to the Instagram Release Promotion for Lost Days.

Release: November 5

Hosted by:
The Next Step PR, LLC

Tour Dates:
November 17 - 21

═ The Book ═
Lost Days is book 4 in The Four Days Series. This is a full length Brothers Best Friends Romance with a sexy ex musician and a determined, fiery heroine and a Happily Ever After guaranteed.
The book is about 70k words and can be read as a standalone.

═ Promotion ═
Tour closes on November 12
We will pick 10-15 participants for ARCs.
Promo tour is open to everyone without a review commitment.
You do not have to review to be a part of the tour/promotion.
If you are willing to post a stylized photo on your instagram, please choose the PROMO option on the form.

═ ARC of Lost Days═
► ARCs will be sent through the Kindle Email.
► You must have a Amazon Kindle account to apply for this ARC.
► You must enter your Kindle e-mail in the form below to be approved.
► An e-mail will be sent on October 23rd if you were selected to Read & Review.
► All reviews are to be submitted through The Next Step PR form that is sent to you in the release packet.
► You must have your review submitted and on Amazon by November 5
* Note * If you are unable to read and review in that time, please do not sign up.
You will be removed from any further tours with our company if you do not submit your review on the date provided.

═ How will the Tour Work? ═
Tour Schedule is from DATE November 17 - 21
This is an (ebook, eBook + paperback or Paperback Tour)
The book releases on the November 5
If part of the tour, you must have your post up my 1:00 PM EST at the latest on your specific tour date.
(This is so we can make sure we SHARE your post & the client see's the post as well!)
Your packet of information will be sent out on DATE November 12.
You must create a staged photo for your release stop.
(This is NOT a TEASER or IMAGE saying the book is LIVE, This is a creative flatly with the eBook in the shot that you create and share with the community. There has been some confusion, but we state clearly in everything that if you are signing up for promo, you must create a stage shot. NO IMAGES ARE SENT TO YOU!)

Thank you for signing up for this promotion, we look forward to working with you!
Kiki Chatfield
Owner of The Next Step PR, LLC

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Exclusive to iBooks
Aaron O’Donovan is a rational man prone to reflection, used to being proactive and finding a solution for every problem. He’s lived these last few years taking care of his sister, and running a pub that he owns with his friends, having set aside his passion for music. Aaron is a constant presence in the lives of the people who surround him, a rock you can count on; but Aaron is a lonely man who has given up on his own ambitions, and who has a difficult past behind him. His experiences have made him cynical, unable to believe in anything, especially in love.

Ciara Doyle works as a tourist guide as she finishes her studies in Art History. She’s young and full of life. Her world is made up of light, color and limitless dreams. She believes in people, in love and living happily ever after, even if there’s only space for one man in her heart – the only man she shouldn’t want.

Aaron has known Ciara since she was a child and has always thought of her like a sister: he’s seen her grow up before his eyes, to become a beautiful sexy woman who is both stubborn and proud. A woman who knows what she wants. And Ciara wants Aaron.

Aaron tries to resist her but the passion between them explodes, forcing him to give in and start wanting something that he has denied himself for years. However, giving in to her would mean the end of her dreams, because Aaron isn’t able to love an

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