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"Engineering Career Event 2018", merupakan kegiatan yang diadakan oleh Career Development Center Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia (CDC FTUI) yang diselenggarakan untuk membantu lulusan Fresh Graduate, Alumni dan Mahasiswa Tingkat Akhir ter khusus untuk bidang Teknik dan pada umumnya bidang non teknik dalam mencari pekerjaan.

"Engineering Career Event 2018" bekerjasama dengan PT CFLD Indonesia akan mengadakan kegiatan Company profile dan Rekrutmen yang akan di selenggarakan Pada:

Hari, Tanggal : 30 Juli 2018
Tempat : Area Gedung K FT UI - Depok
Jam : 08.30 - selesai

*Peserta yang lulus seleksi akan dihubungi oleh pihak CFLD

China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd (CFLD) (Stock Code: 600340) is one of the leading industry city operators in China. Founded in 1998, CFLD continues to innovate and better the lives of communities in China and around the world. CFLD has holding assets of over 32 billion USD and is on the Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 Companies list. As one of the top enterprises in China’s real estate industry, CFLD has developed over more than 50 New Industry Cities and 120 industrial parks under its operations. CFLD has also establishes a significant domestic presence, covering over 30 regions across China, and tactically promoting 12 industrial clusters.

Qualifications and Education Requirements
1. A Bachelor Degree / Master Degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Urban Planning, Industry Engineering and Business Management with a minimum GPA of 3.3
2. Knowledge in Real Estate Development, Mixed-use Development, Urban-Planning, Township Building or Land Investments & Deals are preferred.
3. A good track record in previous internships.

Preferred Skills
Meticulous, entrepreneurial, resourceful, passionate and highly-driven to succeed.

Jump-start your career with us.

Additional Notes:
Candidate must demonstrate a willingness to learn and contribute to the function they are attached to. Program duration is 12 to 24 months, depending on the function the new hire is assigned to. New hires can expect learning opportunities via mentorship and nominated buddy.

Dont forget to send us your newest CV to : , Subject mail : CFLD0718_Nama_Jurusan_IPK

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