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Our Revolution TC 2022 Endorsement: US Congress
This form will be used by the Endorsements Committee of Our Revolution Twin Cities to evaluate your candidacy for the U.S. Senate or House and make a recommendation for endorsement to the Our Revolution membership. You will be contacted if you are recommended for endorsement and provided information on the Member Meeting your endorsement will be considered. If you have any questions of the organization and its process, you can reach us at
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Name *
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Which Congressional District are you running for? *
Why are you running for office?
What are your top three priorities once elected?
Why are you the best person to address these issues?
Describe your experiences and skill sets that will help you be effective in office.
Are you an Our Revolution member and if so are you also a member of any other Our Revolution chapters?
Do you support outsourcing labor and privatization of public services?
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Do you support immediately raising the minimum wage to at least $15 with no exceptions for tipped workers while increasing it to a living wage of at least $20 by 2024?
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Do you support a financial transaction tax (for example, the Robin Hood Tax)?
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Do you support free public college tuition?
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Would you support a single-payer healthcare plan, such as Medicare-for-all?
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Would you seek to adjust the tax and government contractor code to require any enterprise receiving taxpayer funds compensate that enterprise’s highest paid person in an amount no greater than twenty-five times what the lowest compensated person receives?
What will you do to advance access to housing for all?
What is your stance on the long term impacts of mining and how do you feel government should interact with mining interests?
Do you support the use of Rank Choice Voting within the party's conventions/endorsement process for your office and other offices and will you abide by the results?
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How will you implement true equal pay for equal work?
What will you do to restore and strengthen net neutrality?
What will you do to make taxes progressive instead of flat or regressive?
Would you like to add any context to your policy answers?
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