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MICC Church Retreat 2018 Online Registration
[NOTE: Full full retreat information including topic, speaker, location, costs, scholarships, transportation, etc... please refer to the Retreat Brochure in PDF listed on the church homepage:]

Come and Join the Fun

The annual MICC Retreat is always a highlight of our year. It offers an opportunity to get away from the daily routine and relax, enjoy friends together, and receive choice instruction from God’s word. The retreat offers these opportunities for all the people in MICC. Whether single or married, childless or full-quivered, young or old, there will be a variety of activities and opportunities for you to enjoy the retreat.

Our Topic: Building and Renewing: Lessons from Nehemiah

Our Speaker: Alan Wilson, from Belfast, Northern Ireland

The story of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls of post-exile Jerusalem is one of the inspiring stories of the Old Testament. It’s a tale of God’s faithfulness to his people and to his promises, but it’s also the story of a remarkable leader which provides both challenge and encouragement to God’s 21st century people.
This book of Nehemiah will be our focus as Alan Wilson opens the Word of God to us, and helps us to trust in God who strengthens us.
During our retreat, we’ll gain a big picture perspective on this historical book and be encouraged as we live our lives in a world which is often indifferent to Christ and the gospel, and at times hostile.

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