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Backyard Bounty Gleaning Program
The Backyard Bounty gleaning program is a people-powered program that reduces food waste in the Santa Barbara community. If you have excess fruit or vegetables on your property you are willing to donate to the Foodbank, either bring your donation to the Foodbank or contact us if you need help harvesting!
Find more information at BACKYARDBOUNTY.ORG or call (805) 403 - 8327.
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How many trees do you have on your property?
If you have less than five trees on your property, are you able to harvest the produce by yourself? Backyard Bounty can still pick it up if you are not able to bring it to the Foodbank. *
If you need assistance harvesting, are you okay with Backyard Bounty coming by when they are available (i.e. no appointment / drop in okay)? *
What is the address of the property to be gleaned? Include street address, city and zip code. *
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What is the name, phone number and e-mail address of the best contact for the property? *
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Please give as much detail as possible regarding your property and produce. This could include: is the produce currently ripe? Is the produce close to spoiling (already falling on ground)? Is the produce high enough up where ladders are required? Any extra information helps!
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