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Thanks for your interest in our dog.  Your completed application will help Almost Home Dog Rescue match our pups with loving homes. While we try our best to communicate what we know about our rescues, including any known medical or behavioral issues, often times we are working with minimal information and prior history.   Breed identification cannot be guaranteed and is often our best guess.  We want our adoptions to be forever homes, please take the time to research, plan and choose a dog who fits your lifestyle.  Please note an incomplete application cannot be processed.  
Name of dog/puppy that you are interested in
Name of applicant
Date of birth
Name of co-applicant
Date of birth of co-applicant
Street Address
City, State and zipcode
Phone number
Alternate phone number
Occupation (s) (both applicants if applicable)
List all members of the household with name, age (including yourself) and occupation (or child)
Do you own your home or rent?
Please note landlord name and phone number if rental.
How long have you been at this residence?  Are there any plans to move?
If you have been at residence less than 1 year, please list prior residence address
Please check off a description of your residence
Please check off all that applies to describe your home.
If you have a fence, please describe materials and height
Anything else you would like us to know about your home?
Part of our adoption process may include a home visit. Is this acceptable to you?
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What are you looking for in a dog?  Check all that applies
If adopting a puppy, what will you do if puppy grows larger than anticipated?
If adopting a puppy, it has been shown that socialization plays a strong role in developing a confident, well adjusted puppy.  What will you do for socialization?
How do you plan to exercise your dog?
Does anyone in the home have allergies to dogs?
All dogs must be spayed or neutered.  How do you feel about that?
Describe your typical long will your dog be without humans.
Why are you interested in getting a pet?
Have you owned a dog and have experience in training?
Do you plan to enroll in training or classes?
Do you currently have pets?  If so, for each pet, please describe them. Include species, age, how long you have had them, if they are altered and if they are up to date with vaccines. If none, please enter none.
Have you had pets in the past ten years?  If so, please describe each one by name, species, if altered, and why you no longer have them.  If none, please enter none.
Please note your current veterinarian (and/or if applicable past vets within the last 8 years with most current first) with phone number. IMPORTANT-please CONTACT VET to tell them we will be calling, this will expedite your application or may even result in denial of application.
Where will your dog spend most of it's time when you are home.
Where will your dog spend most of it's time while you are away?
Who will be the primary caretaker of the adopted dog?
Will this be your first dog?
Under what circumstances would you not keep your dog.  Check all that apply.
Name what steps you will take to remedy the situation if the dog you adopted is not working out?
What if any provisions have you made for a pet if something happens that you are no longer able to care for them?
Dogs often require a period of 10 to 14 days to acclimate to their new environment.  Are you prepared to give your new pet that amount of time to adjust?
Estimate the annual expense to own a dog.  What will you need to spend money on?  Please describe.
Have you ever given up a pet or lost a pet?  Please describe.
There are many training tools to choose from, please explain which tools you might typically use to train and walk your dog?  Please check all that apply.
Does everyone in your home approve of getting a dog?
When will you be ready to adopt a dog?
Please list two personal references with phone numbers and their relationship to you.
I have read this application in its entirety and I agree that all statements contained herein are made by me and are truthful.  I hereby enter my full name as confirmation via electronic signature.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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