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The base of these rigs are always in black. I use only Rustoleum Enamel Spray Paint for fork color. Please refer to the Rustoleum Enamel Spray Paint color guides for item number of your paint choice. List the 3 top choices of color item number below. I will search locally and let you know which are available.
Three top color choices are:
Upgraded Powder Coat Paint available on Alpha and Beta Carts for an additional $125 (enter color choices below for fork and for deck)
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Powder Coat Paint Color Choice for K9 Cruiser (painted) and 29/26 Scooter (included in price) enter color choice below
Additional Customer Comments:
Payment Method:
***Do not send any down payment for the dog carts until I have contacted you***

Dog Carts:
A $200 down payment will be required to start the fabrication process of the Alpha and Beta models. Send check or money order to:

K 9 Cruiser:
A $1000 down payment will be required to start the fabrication process.

29/26 Scooter
A $500 down payment will be required to start the fabrication process.

Accept payment by:

PayPal or electronic payment application of your choice
Send check or money order to:

Bruce Wolff
Wolftrack Dog Carts, LLC
507 Oak Park Ave
Watertown, WI 53098

Balance due at time of in person pick up or generation of tracking number if to be shipped. Payment will need to be received on shipped rigs before they are in transit. On shipping orders, you will receive and email notification when your rig is ready.

Wisconsin sales tax 5.5% applies to all Wisconsin residents and any rigs picked up on site in Wisconsin

Time frames will vary depending on orders.
Thank you for your purchase of a Wolftrack Dog Cart. Happy Mushing.....Wolfy
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