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Community Connector Survey
Thank you for your willingness to become a Community Connector!

Creating an extensive network of Connectors within the community to provide a welcoming environment to new residents of the Bemidji area is a key aspect of the Community Concierge program. A formal process (with the Concierge as the liaison) has been designed to introduce individuals and their family members to the community through the pairing of the newcomers with a Connector so interest and participation expectations can be aligned.

Connectors will complete the following survey to highlight their interests and aspects of the community in which they are involved for the Community Concierge to match them with newcomers to the best of their ability.

*Note: All personal information submitted is confidential and for internal purposes only until you are connected with an individual or their family through the program. If connected with an individual or family, your name and contact information that aligns with your preferred method of communication will be shared with the Community Concierge acting as a liaison.
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