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Buyer Questionnaire
Please take some time to answer these questions and help us learn a bit about you, as well as understand your needs and wants for your future home!
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First, we need to know a little more about you...
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How would you describe yourself? (Choose as many as you like)
What is your timeline for finding the right property or home?
If you are currently renting, when does your lease end?
Will you be the sole purchaser OR is someone else involved in the financial and/or decision making process?
If yes, what is the name of the additional person?
Now, let's dig into what you're looking for in a property...
What type of property are you looking for?
Number of desired bedrooms?
What is your minimum number of required bathrooms?
What property condition(s) are you comfortable purchasing?
Are there any other important parts of your life that your future home or property should support?
Are there any specific neighborhoods, townships, or school districts that you know you would like to purchase in?
Almost finished! We just have a few financial questions...
Have you already been pre-approved for a mortgage? If so, by which company?
How much would you be comfortable paying monthly towards a mortgage?
What price range are you looking for?
How much of a down payment are you considering?
Do you have any up-front budget/financial concerns?
There are a variety of financing options available to home buyers and we want to make sure you aren't leaving any money on the table. Please select any of the following that may describe you, so that we can see if you are eligible for any special loans, rates, programs or grants.
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Please use this space for any notes pertaining to the previous question, if needed.
Finally, are there any other questions or concerns you would like to discuss when we meet?
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