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This is v4 of this form. If you're running the Haiku operating system, help others by adding your hardware here! This will help others see what computers work well with the software that you're using!
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Only Haiku Beta (Sep. 2018) is listed here; Alphas are now obsolete! Also, any other OS projects and BeOS should have their own compatibility lists; see Land of the Leaves for more info.
If you picked Nightly, which hrev/build?
(This is optional, but helps determine what version this computer worked with. If nothing is listed here, the month and year will be added instead.)
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This helps decide what section your computer will go in. (Note that emulated/virtual machines will be listed under the VMs category, regardless of the host machine.)
What's the make and model of your computer? (i.e. Autumn Leafbox lb1) *
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If you have extra time, additional info can help make the list better! The next page allows you to add notes about your hardware or experience with this computer and Haiku.
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