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Energy Transition in Germany - University of Minnesota Study Abroad - Jan 3rd -15th 2017
Sign up here if you are interested in applying to the University of Minnesota's 2 credit January 2017 study abroad course, SUST 3480  “Energy Transition in Germany: Creating a Sustainable Economy through Collaboration and Integration."  The University's Learning Abroad Center will handle formal applications and will use this list to communicate about that process.  

Sophomore, junior, senior and graduate students interested in scaling up renewable energy, from any discipline and any University of Minnesota college, or campus (Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris, Crookston, Rochester), are encouraged to consider applying to the program. Students from outside the University of Minnesota system may also be invited to apply.  

Expectations for the course are: Strong interest in renewable energy transition, willingness to prepare before the trip, ability to travel with a group, walk up to several miles a day, capacity for active participation during the trip and engagement in Minnesota's energy transition efforts upon return.
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A syllabus and more detailed course information will be available this summer, 2016. The program fee estimate will be available by fall 2016. Are there concerns or questions you have that will help you to decide whether to apply for the program, aside from those? Your questions here will inform "Frequently Asked Questions" for all interested students (we will send it to you!) and ensure that by fall 2016, all of your questions are fully addressed.
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