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Pre-Training Poll to Shape "Support From Outside the Walls" Content
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I identify as
What is your existing involvement in prisoner support work?
If interested, please describe your existing prisoner support work.
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I will attend the October 20, 2018 Training about supporting people in prison who represent themselves in litigation.
How much did you donate to PAN via Paypal for this training? Please note if you will donate at the door instead of online.
It is costly (stipend to formerly incarcerated presenters, material printing, staff time, volunteer time, refreshments, room rental, etc.) to provide these trainings. While we are offering them free of charge we encourage you to make a contribution if you can. Volunteer Activist/Community Member $5-10 You are paid to support people in prison $20-30 If seeking CLE credit $30-50
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If materials were provided in advance, would you review them before the training?
Do you need childcare?
What accommodations do you need?
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Do you have specific questions or items you would like a specific panelist to address?
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This is a training series. What dates/times work for you to attend other trainings?
Are you interested in volunteering for the Prisoner Advocacy Network?
Conducting individual advocacy for individual prisoners in solitary? If so, fill out volunteer form here
Do you want to join the training announcements email list? Please write your email if yes.
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Are you interested in joining the NLG SF Police and Prisons Committee Listserve?
If you want "support from outside the walls" event announcements you can sign up here Email asking to join the list if you want to come to committee meetings or get more involved. About the committee
What areas of training most interest you:
We know many important topics are missing from this training. What topics would you like to see in a follow up training?
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General Questions or Comments
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Would you, or a group you are a part of like to collaborate on giving a training with us?
If so, on what topic?
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Would you like to host a training? If so, where?
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Would you like to help with outreach?
If yes, please share the flyers (pasted above and below) and poll, and invite people on facebook. Outreach materials here
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Would your group like to suggest resources that we can add to the website and/or training materials?
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Would your group like to do outreach on the event?
If so, what group and what kind of outreach/recruitment?
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