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GreenThumb Community Gardener Survey
2018 will mark GreenThumb’s 40th anniversary. The division, which is now a part of NYC Parks was created in response to the City’s fiscal crisis in the 1970s that resulted in widespread abandonment of public and private property. Citizens through their own initiative began to take care of these properties turning them into community gardens. Since 1978, GreenThumb has provided programming and material support to community gardeners in New York City. On the advent of our 40th anniversary now is an opportune time to take stalk of where we have been and to look towards the future of community gardening in New York City.
Which community garden do you belong to?
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In which borough is your garden located? *
What do you grow in your garden? *
How long have you been a community gardener? *
What is your main motivations for being involved with your community garden? select up to two *
What do you see as GreenThumb's role in community gardening in New York City? *
How do you primarily interact with GreenThumb? *
Do you wish you had more support for the garden from GreenThumb? *
If you answered yes, what type of additional support would you like? *
Do you get support from other agencies or organizations for your community garden? *
If yes, which ones? *
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How would you describe your relationship with your fellow gardeners? *
Do you interact with gardeners from other community gardens in your neighborhood? *
Any other thoughts on how GreenThumb can improve?
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