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逢甲大學外語教學中心教師履歷登錄系統(長期徵件) FCU_ FLC_Teacher Hiring Entry System (always open)
本表單為非正式履歷登錄系統,僅供應徵單位長期徵件與有意應徵教師之申請平台。相關資料均保密不外露。This system is unofficial, only for the platform that FLC can get teachers' application anytime. FLC won't give personal information here to any others.
1. 您要應徵的是 You are interested in: *
2. 您要應徵的是哪一語種的老師 Your Specific Language ability is: *
3. 您的姓名 Your Name: *
4. 您的出生年月日 Your Birthday: *
5. 您的性別 Gender *
6. 您的聯絡手機 Your Smart Phone Number: *
7. 您的電子郵件 Your Email: *
8. 您的最高學歷 Your Highest Diploma: *
9. 您可以任教的科目 You can teach: *
10. 您可以任教的時間 You can teach (time) at: *
11. 請上傳您的履歷資料 (含個人資訊、學經歷、相關著作) Please upload your CV with personal information, teaching experience and other references. *
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