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PentaMaze Project Participation form (I love Alliteration)
By filling out this form, we can figure out how to get the most out of our experience in creating the PentaMaze of Mo.
This project will be taken to Burning Man which takes place between August 27th and September 3rd. We hope to gain an understanding of your desired involvement and your feedback to make the most of your contribution and see it well reflected in the PentaMaze of Mo.
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What would you like us to call you?
What you want to be known as.
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Do you want to participate in the creation of the PentaMaze of Mo or in any other of it's aspects? *
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Why do you see yourself working on this project? *
Inquiring minds wish to know
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Do you want to go with us to Burning Man? *
Have you ever been Burning Man? Or another Burn?
List any you have been to
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Why do you want to go this year?
I like stories.
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How do you know Motropolis?
bunch of crazy gypsies.
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Have you heard of the Ten Principals of Burning Man?
If not here they are. These are the Principals by which Motropolis came together.
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