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Student Council Application - Incoming Freshman and students not currently enrolled in Student Council - DUE DATE 2/19

1. The first step of the application process is to submit a video interview.
a. Answer question prompts for the position you wish to apply for in the below application
b. Videos can be recorded and uploaded to this application

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Requirements for Application
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Interview Video
Talking Points for your video are to include each question prompt but do not need to be limited to that list!

Incoming Freshman:
1. Interview at least 4 of your middle school teachers and tell us how they describe you?
2. Describe your interests and passions. In what ways have you been able to connect these to your middle school
community? (Clubs and extracurricular activities etc.)
3. Describe your ideal learning environment or classroom.
4. Freshmen often have a difficult time finding their voice initially within the council. How will you ensure that your
opinions and the representation of over 400 other freshmen at Poudre are heard?
5. Give us names of at least 2 of your current teachers that we may contact as a reference.

Current PHS Student applicants who are not enrolled in Student Council currently:
1. How will you contribute to the culture of Poudre High School and how does that apply to Student Council?
2. What contributions will you bring to Student Council (skills, strengths, membership in other activities and clubs)?
3. How do your leadership skills make you a good candidate for Student Council?
4. A need we have for PHS is to ensure that our diverse student population is represented and celebrated, how can we do
5. Give us names of at least 2 of your current teachers that we may contact as a reference.

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