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Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE), 39th Annual Conference, Marrakech, 01-04 April, 2019: Call for Proposals
Theme: “ “The Third millennium ELT Curriculum:  Towards Building Capacity, Empowering Leadership, and Developing Entrepreneurial Skills”

في موضوع: "الألفية الثالثة ومنهاج اللغة الانجليزية:نحو بناء القدرات وتعزيزالقيادة وتطوير مهارات ريادة الأعمال"
Abstract submission deadline : 10 March, 2019


As the world continues on its path towards globalization and interdependence, many challenges still impede the global community to come together as one and coherent city. To face these challenges, international cooperation and education for global citizenship have become an imperative for the world societies to promote a culture of peace, sustainability, tolerance, and inclusion. The password to access this most wanted positive change is an education that is rooted in humanistic philosophy and fueled by the principles of the global self and collective intelligence.

To deal with the digital learners, the 3rd millennium curriculum designers need to address important questions such as: What is the best education needed for the 21st century learner?  What implications will it have for training, teaching, and learning? How will schools be conceived to embrace all these new roles?

Serious examination of these questions should enlighten strategic choices in educational design that will inform decisions on how schools will fulfill their complex mission of preparing the taskforce and creating good citizens. Securing continuous economic development, while ensuring environmental safety and sustaining growth, is the biggest task pending for future generations. The profiles of future learners, therefore, will imperatively deal in capacity building, leadership skills and entrepreneurship.

In Morocco, although recent educational reform has generated a lot of debate around the declining levels of educational performance, the ministry of national education is aware of the big challenges awaiting our educational reform movement and hence should pave the way to a curriculum reform geared towards capacity building, entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

In view of that, Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE), being a major partner of the ministry of national education in leading innovative educational initiatives, will hold its 39th annual conference under the following theme:

 “The Third millennium ELT Curriculum:
Towards Building Capacity, Empowering Leadership and Developing Entrepreneurial Skills”

This conference will address this issue from different perspectives. Experts in the field of education, educational psychology, applied linguistics, and language education in general, are called upon to contribute to this debate and suggest, through the different conference formats, successful strategies and techniques to help reach these objectives.

Conference objectives:
The main objectives of the conference, among other things, are to:
define the concept of English Language Curriculum in the 21st century in the light of current educational challenges;
discuss the dimensions of different skills sought through curriculum design
refine teaching standards concerning entrepreneurial and leadership skills
revisit students’ needs in terms of teaching materials and the different teacher roles in this regard.

Conference sub-themes:
The following sub-themes are preferred (the following list is by no means exhaustive):
The twenty first century language curriculum design
Leadership  skills development
Entrepreneurial skills development
Youth empowerment and community service development
Action-based learning for collaborative development
Project implementation and social integration
Team-oriented critical thinking development
Design thinking and capacity building
Empowering young people through national youth services
Education and training for youth workers

Presentation formats
Oral presentation papers (20 minutes)
Workshop presentation (55 minutes)
Poster presentation throughout the conference
Panel discussions
Social activities.

Abstract submission and deadlines
In order to present at the conference, proposals should be submitted to and approved of by MATE conference scientific committee, while respecting the following deadlines:
Abstract submission deadline is: 10 March, 2019 via the conference online form at:
Results of abstract reviews will be returned to authors within 2 weeks after the deadline.
Full paper submission is mandatory by 30 March, 2019. To be sent to the following email address:

More Information
For more information about this conference and about our other events, please use our
- Email address:
- Website:
- Facebook page: Al Maghreb Maters,
- Facebook group: MATE Facebook Group
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