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Parent Questionnaire
My child enjoys school and is happy at Norton Hill *
My child is making good progress from their starting point *
Behaviour in the school is good and any problems are dealt with quickly *
My child gets the right amount of homework *
I feel the school curriculum meets my child's needs *
I am kept well informed about how my child is doing through reports, parents evenings and meetings *
I feel supported by the school and feel comfortable discussing any questions or problems that I have *
The school expects my child to work hard and achieve their best *
The school works closely with parents and I am able to see staff if I need to *
Based on overall experience I would recommend the school *
The school is well led by senior and middle leaders *
The school is helping my child become responsible, mature and resilient *
The school provides access to an interesting range of activities inside and outside of lessons *
The school supports my child with revision activities *
Any additional comments *
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