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Zone Frequency Packs: Order Form
$10.00/pack. Prices are in USD. In the event of price discrepancies between website pages and order form, the latter prevails.
These packs allow the owner of a 16 channel VHF radio to change frequencies to match the zone they are going to be in. The focus is for guiding or participating in Mountaineering and/or SAR activities in these regions. The concept is to pre-program your radio with the appropriate zone before you leave for the new area. If you need to make changes in the field, it will require a laptop computer running Windows. These frequencies are for users who are qualified to use them. Each pack is specific to a radio model, delivered electronically, requires the appropriate software (included with the purchase of your radio), (software is only compatible with Windows OS), and the correct cable (optional with the purchase of your radio).
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Western Canada
PCA Banff South End
PCA Banff Field Unit
PCA Lake Louise & 93N
PCA Icefields and S. Jasper
PCA N. Jasper
PCA Yoho
PCA Kootenay + Settlers Rd.
Rogers Pass
R.R. Roads 1-16
R.R. Roads 17-32
R.R. 33-35 and LD 1-5
Ski Lodges
Ski Hills
Marine (most used)
West Coast
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North Cascades
Idaho & Montana
New Zealand
Weather (North America)
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Type of radio these are for:
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TYT TC-3000A
Hytera 601 or 508
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Programming Cable required?
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TYT TC-3000A, UV-8200
Hytera 610 or 508
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Aftermarket support
Personal one on one assistance or consulting. For help with choosing, using, installing, or programming radio. Not available for keypad programming procedures. For help with programming, will require user to install remote control software on their computer.
1 hr
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