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Colors of Long Island 2020 Group Registration Form
Please fill out this form only once if you are registering a group project for this year's exhibit.

If you are registering one or two individual student works, please visit our website and follow the link for the individual registration form.

You will need ALL of your student, school and artwork information ready before you fill this form out - please do not begin the form until you are certain of all the information (student names, artwork size/media/title, etc.). The submission process is one step and you will not be able to save, exit and re-enter to edit information.

If you are not yet prepared, the form will be available until January 8, 2020.
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Student Names & Grades - Up to 15 students ONLY *
Please list each student, followed by a comma and then the student grade. Use semi-colons in between each student and grade. For example: Mary Smith, Grade 1; John Smith, Grade 2; William Mount, Grade 4
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Artwork #1 Inspiration/Brief Artist Statement (Optional)
Use the space below to explain the process or inspiration behind the artwork, 280 character limit.
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