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Athboy Community School Attainment
Parents Survey on Attainment
Question 1: How happy are you with your child's overall attainment in the school?
Question 2: How happy are you with your child's attainment? (Please tick one for the relevant number of subjects)
Don't know
Subject 1
Subject 4
Subject 7
Subject 8
Subject 9
Subject 10
Subject 11
Subject 12
Please tick what 3 factors you think hinder your child's attainment?
Question 4: Please tick the 3 areas where staff can improve attainment?
Question5: Please tick what 3 areas the students can help improve attainment?
Question 6: Please tick what 3 areas can parents/guardians help to improve attainment?
Question 7: What 3 areas can the Board of Management help to improve attainment?
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