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Herbal Vibes, Specialty Beverages, are made to fit your specific health needs. Based on your request, or what you're looking for to assist healing, treatment or management of a particular health issue through the use of herbs, these beverages or external medicines are designed specifically for you.

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Below are assessment questions to help Herbal Vibes gauge what we can do for you. Please fill out as much as possible.
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Disclaimer & Warnings
This form is confidential and is not shared with any one party outside the realm of C. Art Press. Information provided is strictly used to better formulate a specific beverage or other form of preparation to the client. Some clients will need approval from a doctor or health practitioner prior to receiving their beverage. In addition to the invoice sent with beverage information, the beverage its self will come with instructions and more information pertaining to the ingredients, dosage, known effects and possible adverse effects. Due to the nature of making specialty drinks, please order your beverage 2 weeks ahead of time.
Warning: our beverages are not intended for use for pregnant or nursing women. If you are taking medications, a doctor or health practitioner’s approval is warranted. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. This beverage/other preparation method is intended to supplement the diet and promote certain known herbal effects. C. Art Press 2018.
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