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HELLO and welcome to MCAD'S COMIC ART ANTHOLOGY OPEN CALL ! Thank you so much for your interest. If you make comics, regardless of your major, we welcome you to apply and participate! We don't have any grandiose mission statements to make; we just want a way for people outside of MCAD to see all the cool things we're making.

A quick rundown of the project guidelines:

- We'll be accepting ~15 artists.
- Each artist will get a MAX of 4 pages to work with.
- Final zine size will be DIGEST size, 5.5 x 8.5 inches.
- We're working with BLACK & WHITE only.
- Our margins: .25 on each side with an image area of 5 x 8 inches.
- Projected print & publishing date is JANUARY 2k19.
- All participants will get 1 free copy, and can buy further copies at a discounted price.

The THEME for this year's anthology is:
When hearing the word decadence one's mind might conjure an image of a slice of rich chocolate cake. Delicate and delectable petit fours may line a shelf in your thoughts, dripping with caramel sauces and glistening glazes. Decadence is a word that is used to tempt. Advertisements for perfumes may preach that their products are decadent, luxurious, and ambrosial. Grandiose Rococo paintings are ornamented with the decadent in the form of shining silks, lustrous pearls, and high society persons indulging in frivolous play. Decadence can be found in architecture with golden leaf covered fleur de lis and marble flooring; in the wild parties of the 1920’s with golden bubbling champagne and beaded dresses; in the hedonistic over indulgence of the social elite. For something to be decadent it must also have an element greed and gluttony. The word decadent stems from the word decay after all. It reflects an overall tendency towards seduction and sin, wrapped in pretty glistening packages. What will decadence mean to you?

All of this sound good? Great, continue to the next section.

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