McCombs Board Fellows Student Application

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    Instructions - Please complete application by Friday September 20, 2013

    Please carefully read below and complete this application. **NOTE THAT YOUR RESPONSES WILL NOT BE RECORDED UNTIL YOU CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE END OF THE FINAL PAGE.**. Application sections 1. Contact Information 2. Acknowledgement of Commitment 3. Select Partner Organization(s) you want to be matched with 4. Essays 5. Resume

    Board Fellow Recruitment Timeline and Overview

    Thank you for your interest in McCombs Board Fellows program! We're really excited to learn more about you, and look forward to reviewing your application. September 3, 2013: Application Open September 20, 2013: Application Due September 23 to October 4, 2013: Interviews scheduled Mid-October 2013: Matches announced Mid-October 2013: Optional training Mid-November 2013: Mandatory training November 12, 2013: Mandatory Kick-Off Event with Partner Organizations January to December 2014: Serve on board and complete project Board Fellows collects funds to spend on programming events closely related to board and nonprofit leadership including hosting limited speakers, social events, and recruitment efforts. Net Impact, Board Fellow’s sister organization, provides further programming, career resources, and membership to it’s national organization. Because of the similar missions of Board Fellows and Net Impact, a discount for dual membership has been arranged. Board Fellow dues are required for successful applicants. Net Impact membership is encouraged. Membership status with Net Impact has no effect on your Board Fellows application. __ Board Fellow Only Dues - One-time ($35) __ Board Fellow and Net Impact Dues - One-time ($70) Regardless of choice, Checks should be made out to "Net Impact McCombs" and are due upon getting accepted into Board Fellows.

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