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Each week, we will be selecting a dream to discuss on the podcast. Share your dream here to have a chance of having your dream discussion on This Jungian Life. We deeply appreciate the listeners trusting us with their dreams. Our intent is to reference your material, to educate listeners on the general principles of dream interpretation and a symbolic approach to our inner lives. Our comments may not relate to your personal situation, but we appreciate your willingness to allow us to use your dream material to help others.
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Write your dream here. Remember to remove any identifying details to protect your privacy. We are more likely to choose dreams to discuss on the podcast that are shorter -- maybe a paragraph or two long.
Now tell us any significant context about the dream. For example, are there any life transitions that you were facing when you had this dream? A sentence or two should be fine.
What were the main feelings in the dream?
Do any of the elements in the dream require a bit more explanation? For example, if you dream of bees, and almost died from a bee sting, that would be important to note.
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