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After Hours Detkin (Moore 101) and Ketterer Lab (Moore 200) Access Request Form
Please complete this form if you would like after hours Detkin Access. Detkin Lab is open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. When not in use for a priority event such as a class or demo day, students may use the lab if they do so safely and follow instructions from lab staff. Outside of these times access is restricted.
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Lab Safety and After Access Rules
Emergency Contacts
From campus Phone : 511
From your cell phone: 911 or PREFERRED 215-573-3333.
Please add 215-573-3333 ( UPenn Public Safety) as Emergency number. Upenn Public Safety is much more aware of the location on campus and can expedite the assistance.

The First-Aid box is located near the entrance of the lab.

The fire extinguisher is located near the lab office door.

Check your cellphone reception and battery level.

1. Do not let people into the lab. Everyone who should have access to Detkin lab will be able to swipe in.
2. Do not borrow or remove any equipment or tools from the lab.
3. Clean up after yourself.
4. Do not damage lab equipment.
5. Please report non functioning equipment to lab staff.
6. Disruptive and destructive behavior will not be tolerated. Engaging in such actions may result in loss of lab access.

1. Do not work alone after 6PM.
2. No use of Lithium based batteries are permitted unless specifically used for an ESE class lab. Outside projects and open ended class projects may not use Lithium based batteries without explicit permission from the Lab Engineer or Lab Manager. There is a LITHIUM BATTERY EMERGENCY ISOLATION CONTAINER, partially filled with sand, above the resistors in Detkin Lab.
3. Projects may not exceed 30Vrms, 40V peak, without explicit permission from the Lab Engineer or Lab Manager.
4. Wear safety glasses when soldering. Safety glasses are required at all times in designated safety area and when directed by lab staff. Closed toed shoes and long pants are strongly recommended in lab safety area.
5.Only use power tools you've been trained on specifically from Detkin staff. Always wear safety glasses and make sure anyone in the vicinity is wearing safety glasses too. Weiss Tech House is generally a more appropriate place for power tool usage.
6. No food or drink is permitted in designated lab safety area.
7. Violation of Safety rules will require immediate correction. Egregious or repeated violations will result in limiting access.

1. Do not work with power supply connected to the circuit, while debugging a problem.
2. If by any chance, you observe overheated components or current exceeding the rating of the components, immediately stop your work, disconnect power and seek advice before you reconnect the circuit to the power source.
3. When using electrolytic capacitors :
- do not short the leads of the capacitor after it has been charged ( wait for 3x-5x time constant of the capacitor before discharging) .
-Be careful to observe the polarity of the capacitor - electrolytic capacitors can explode or leak when connected in reverse polarity.
4. When using soldering iron, use safety eyeglasses. Use bench clamps to hold the board.
5. Please report any broken wire or loose electrical connections to lab staff immediately.
6. Inform TA or instructor immediately of any injury or exposure. In the case of chemical contact, cut, or puncture, flush the affected area for 15 minutes with soap and water. If splashed in eyes, use emergency eyewash. Hold both eyes open and flush for 15 minutes
Do you agree with the rules listed above? Note failure to abide by these rules can result in loss of after hours access to the lab. *
Who should you let into the lab? *
Is it ok to remove equipment or supplies from the lab? *
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