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Employer Survey
Thank you for taking time to respond to this survey of the quality of our EEE graduates of Easwari Engineering College . Your ideas and opinions are very important to our programme and our efforts to continuously improve quality of our graduates.
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Please answer the following General Questions
Ratings (10= Very Satisfied) to (2= Not satisfied)
Based on your work experiences since obtaining your undergraduate degree in EEE, what is your impression of the overall quality of your educational experiences that you received at the EEE Programme in EEC? *
Skills and Knowledge
Listed in the next table are several statements about skills and knowledge you may have had to use for your employer. On a scale from (10 = Very Satisfied) to (2 = Not Satisfied), please rate your satisfaction on how well the EEE programme has prepared you to apply these skills at your work place. You may use available blank space at the end for comments.
Skills and Knowledge
Ability to solve Electrical and Electronics Engineering design problems using methods, tools, and skills of his/her specialization
Ability to utilize computers and software in a technical environment
Ability to plan, organize, and complete a design task
Ability to continuously learn new skills and knowledge
Ability to communicate effectively orally
Ability to communicate effectively in writing
Ability to work successfully as a member of a team
Ability to take initiative
Understanding and appreciation of ethics and professionalism as related to his/her work.
Awareness of value of considering diversity and differences in cultures in his/her work.
Awareness of the importance of safety issues related to his/her work
Clear selection
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