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Development Donations and Research Grants
The Development and Research Donations and Grants are dedicated to your contribution for the aeternity protocol and its surrounding ecosystem.

Are you interested in digging deeper into question that answers yet have to be found? Your curiosity is the limit.

The æternity crypto foundation has three major goals with its donation and grant program:

1) Enable developers and researchers to spearhead projects that contribute to a thriving blockchain ecosystem and the communities within it.
2) Extend the code-base and improve various aspects of æternity’s protocol, æpplications and necessary ecosystem features.
3) Cultivate and support relationships with and among other communities.

There are no restrictions regarding age, educational background or field of research.

The initial screening of your application may take up to 4 weeks. Within this time-frame you will receive information whether your application is successful and accepted into the second round of screening.

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Development Donation

Please include any material that showcases your development skills or aspirations towards learning explicit skills.

The second round of screening will involve a technical interview and/or solving a development related task

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Research Grant

Your initial application may include:

1) Problem statement
2) Goals & Objectives
3) Project design (Timeline)

You may also wish to include previous press coverage and code. We, encourage you to list your achievements that reflects your qualifications, expertise and experiences.

Note: Further grant programs, will be published in the future.

_ _ _

Urgent matters are to be marked and reasoned in the application.

Support will be granted exclusively in cryptocurrencies. Ongoing documentation of your progress and final results are required.

Remember when filling out the form: Quality over quantity.

We look forward to your submission!

The æternity crypto foundation

Who are you?
Please introduce yourself. Include your GitHub, LinkedIn profile, company and personal website.
Include links to your past coverage, if applicable.
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What keeps you up at night?
Please outline the research matter or development project you would like to work on.
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What are your goals?
E.g. I want to author a scientific investigation, develop a prototype, I don't know - but I am on to something. In certain cases the æternity foundation may assist you with knowledge-transfer and/or defining your research.
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How can the æternity crypto foundation support you?
How much funding do you need? What is the estimated time-range of your research? (e.g. for students: I want to take a semester off to work on ...)
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Contact details.
Please provide your e-mail address.
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