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VeryFile Translation Campaign
1. Translations MUST be properly structured in grammar and vocabulary
2. Translations must be genuine, thus not from Google Translate. In case we find that text has been translated via help of automated translation tools, the translator will be blacklisted and no payments shall be made.
3. Not keeping the thread active and up to date, can reduce your reward up to 50% of the actual payment or simply be rejected.
4. Translators must do both Ann and Bounty
5. In case of lots of mistakes in translation, it will be blacklisted, and no payments shall be made.
6. Translators are expected to engage actively regarding VeryFile on their respective native language thread.
7. Only professionally done translations wanted. Everything will be checked manually.
8. Please ensure that you keep the highest quality of standards in terms with VeryFile project all the time.
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