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Norfolk City Democratic Committee - Membership Application 2022-2023
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Membership Role Descriptions
Precinct Captain: The primary duty of each precinct captain is to ensure that there are poll workers distributing the Democratic campaign material on Election Day.  Precinct captains should also, in cooperation with Democratic nominees, organize the precinct to maximize the Democratic vote.  Each Precinct Captain shall also communicate at least once with newly registered voters in the precinct.

Assistant Precinct Captain: It shall be the duty of every assistant precinct captain, in cooperation with Democratic nominees, to assist the Precinct Captain in organizing the precinct represented so as to maximize the Democratic vote therein. Each Assistant Precinct Captain shall assist the Precinct Captain in communicating with newly registered voters in the precinct.

At-Large Member: There are 48 at-large members elected city-wide. They are expected to assist Precinct Captains and provide support for the Committee's events.

Associate Member: Associate members may include those who are registered to vote in other jurisdictions, but reside, work, or attend school in Norfolk and those who reside in Norfolk, but are not eligible to vote due to age. Associate members do not have voting privileges. Associate members are expected to assist the Precinct Captain for their precinct and to provide support to the Committee's other operations. Associate members are not required to attend meetings.

Ex-Officio Member: Norfolk voters who hold automatic membership by virtue of their office include: 1) Democratic elected officials; 2) members of the Norfolk Electoral Board; 3) members of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia; 4) presidents of Young Democrats groups affiliated with the Virginia Young Democrats; 5) local chairs or presidents of Democratic constituent organizations recognized by the Democratic Party of Virginia; 6) the immediate past Chair of the NCDC.

Executive Committee Members: Includes 1) NCDC officers; 2) Area Chairs, and 3) Chairs of NCDC standing and adhoc committees.

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