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2019 YA-YA Network Summer Institute Application

The Youth Activist - Youth Allies (YA-YA) Network is a nonprofit organization in NYC that provides training and leadership experience to the next generation of activists in the movement for social and economic justice. YA-YA is a youth-driven, citywide, anti-racist, anti-sexist organization and allies with the LGBTQ+ community. We provide free (and often with stipend) core training to young activists.

Interested in becoming the leader you've always wanted to be? Apply to YA-YA's Summer Institute! Our summer institute invites young folks to learn more about themselves, social justice, and organizing.

The YA-YA Network (Youth Activists-Youth Allies) is seeking youth leaders! The YA-YA Network is looking for passionate and motivated young people interested in activism and social justice. We are seeking youth (15-19 years old) that want to learn how to take on a leadership position in social justice movements by building skills needed to make change happen.

At YA-YA, you will get the chance to collaborate with your peers to build your leadership skills. You will be able to share lessons learned, build community and work together to build a more just world. Other opportunities include: organizing events, outreach, tabling, speaking on panels and events, and facilitating workshops for other groups.

This application is our way to get to know you. Share about yourself and issues you are passionate about or want to learn! After processing your responses, we’ll follow up with a phone interview or email. The deadline is May 17th, 2019!

- Application due May 17
- Interviews will follow
- Program runs every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until the last week of August

The YA-YA Network
224 w 29th St
14th Fl

STIPENDS: Participants who successfully complete the Summer Institute will be compensated for their participation and role in our community.

Please feel free to contact YA-YA Staff member, Ellie Jayakar (, if you have any questions or concerns.

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Are you currently a high school student?
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What are your interests and hobbies? What are your favorite books/movies? What are some your skills, talents, or achievements? It doesn't have to be awards, it can be personal goals you've accomplished.
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What social justice issues are you passionate about or want to explore?
Think about the problems you've experienced or seen in your community, the news, or something you've read that you want to see something done about it and relates to activism and social justice. Please try to be specific (ex. Instead of women issues, say street harassment or work discrimination etc.) (Min. 150 words)
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Why do you want to join YA-YA? What are some strengths that you can contribute to the YAYA community?
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Will you be able to make the full time commitment of the program? *
Our program is 8 week long from July 5th to Aug 24th. We meet 3 days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) from noon to 6 or 7 pm depending on the schedule. Please let us know in the next question of any time and dates you already know you will miss if you were accepted into our program.
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Please share if you expect to go on family vacations, are considering participating in other programs during the summer, work scheduling conflicts, etc.
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