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Training Needs Analysis
Annual Survey for PIChE Chapter and Non-Chapter Members
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Your Competency Profile
Based on the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) Competency Framework
Please rate your level of competency for each IEA criterion. *
Needs Improvement
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UK- Comprehend and apply advanced knowledge of the widely-applied principles underpinning good practice
LK- Comprehend and apply advanced knowledge of the widely-applied principles underpinning good practice specific to the jurisdiction in which he/she practices
PA- Define, investigate and analyze complex problems
DS- Design or develop solutions to complex problems
EV- Evaluate the outcomes and impacts of complex activities
PS- Recognize the reasonably foreseeable social, cultural and environmental effects of complex activities generally, and have regard to the need for sustainability
LR- Meet all legal and regulatory requirements and protect public health and safety in the course of his or her activities
ET- Conduct his or her activities ethically
MA- Manage part or all of one or more complex activities
CM- Communicate clearly with others in the course of his or her activities
LL- Undertake CPD activities sufficient to maintain and extend his or her competence
JG- Recognize complexity and assess alternatives in light of competing requirements and incomplete knowledge; exercise sound judgement in the course of his or her complex activities
RD- Be responsible for making decisions on part or all of complex activities
Which Ch.E. scope of practice are you primarily engaged in at present? *
Write down the other practice you are engaged in at present not covered by the previous question.
Prioritize your training needs based on urgency and importance based on the list below: *
Not Urgent and Not Important
Urgent, but Not Important
Important, but Not Urgent
Urgent and Important
New Knowledge
Problem Analysis and Solving Skills
Design and Development Skills
Communication Skills
Leadership/Management Skills
Environmental Protection/Sustainability Advocacy
Training Skills
Relevant IT/Software Skills
Economic/Financial Analysis Skills
Research and Development Skills
Relevant Laws/Ethics Awareness
Project/Team Management Skills
Write Other Competencies Not Mentioned in the Last Question You Consider Urgent and Important
Which  among the prospective  Ch.E. Specialization fields  listed matter to you the most? *
Write down the other Ch.E. specialization field not listed in the above question that you also want to pursue.
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