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Date Un-Availability for NewportTennis Club
This form identifies the Participant by their unique Email address and Pass Key.

If you have used the Tennis Scheduling System before, an Account was created for you with your initials as your Pass Key. If you are new to TSS, submit a Account Create Form before submitting any other TSS Forms.

There are two sections to this form. 1) Dates Unavailable or Available 2) Date time Restrictions.

You can enter information into both sections or just one and then hit the submit button at end of form.

Section one allows you to specify dates or a date range that you are unable to play or to reverse previous entries to make date(s) available.

Section two is used to identify that you must play at or can't play at a play time on a specific date.

This form is used to update availability information for play in all weekly scheduled Newport Tennis Round Robins.

The most recent entry made for a date, date range or date time combination is used when scheduling that date for the identified participant.

This availablity information can be entered for any future league date yet to be scheduled and will be effective on that date unless deleted or replaced by another submission. Forms Help can be found at

The entries made by all participants will be reflected in participant profile reports emailed back to participants . It is important for you to carefully review the profile information sent to you. You may have entered information incorrectly. It is you responsibility to make sure that your playing availability is correct.

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Your Pass Key is required to make any changes to your account. Your Pass Key is usually your initials, unless you have changed it to another easy to remember code.
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Section 1 - Date UnAvailability - for date(s) or date range
Primary use is to identify dates that you are unavailabe to play.

You enter two dates you can't play or enter a date range

Select option that tells system whether the dates are a Date Range or not and to make date(s) availabale or unavailable

#Date-1 Enter first Date
Enter one date for this Update. It also may be the 1st date of a date range
#Date-2 enter date leave blank
Enter a optional second date for this update. It may also be the second date of a date range.
Date UnAvailability Update Option
Are the above individual date(s) or a date range? Are you making the dates Unavailable or Available - select option from pull down list to tell system. Default will be date(s) Unavailable. If you enter a "range", it will apply to all leagues in which you play.
Section 2) Date/Time Restriction , i.e.Don't schedule at 7:00 on mm/dd/yyy
Skip this section and hit submit button at end if you don't need to add a date time restriction.

To enter/update a date/time/restriction:

Enter date and the time slot on that date

Pick restriction from pull down list, Must Play at, don't schedule at or remove restriction for this time.

Enter Date for the time Restriction in format mm/dd/yyyy
Select restriction for above date and time from pull down list
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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