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MN ABE Distance Learning 101 Course Application
Hi and welcome to the 2019/20 DL 101 course application! This form must be completed before September 20, 2019, and Cathy Grady will contact you by September 30 for verification.
*Please read all of this section, before starting the application.
**The ABE program manager/admin should fill out this form, not a teacher or support staff. This form will take approximately 20-25 minutes to read and complete.
***If you encounter a required question that isn't applicable for you/your program, just write 'N/A' or 'None' in the response box.

The purpose of this professional development (PD) initiative is to build the capacity of MN ABE consortia to offer quality distance learning (DL) opportunities for their learners based on established best practices. Programs who are accepted, fully participate and complete the course requirements will receive a stipend to cover expenses related to travel, meetings, and substitute teachers, should they be needed.

This PD initiative is supported by Saint Paul ABE/MLC’s Technology and DL Supplemental Services grant. Any questions regarding the eligibility requirements or application and review process should be sent to Cathy Grady (St. Paul ABE) at or 651-744-1417.

DL 101 eligibility requirements:
1) An individual ABE program site or group of ABE sites within a state-funded consortium currently offering distance learning programming for ABE learners or planning to offer such programming in the future (as represented by use of approved DL platforms and collection of proxy hours).

2) Full participation of an ABE Manager with supervisory responsibility and authority to approve the following program changes or expenses:
a. Contractual agreement between the Minnesota Literacy Council (MLC) and their own school district/program
b. Submission of invoices to the MLC for payment of program stipend to own district/program
c. Payment of staff for participation in all required DL 101 PD activities
d. Completion of a final budget report for participation expenses to be covered by stipend
e. Final DL site plan implementation
f. Full participation and completion of coursework, which includes: weekly online questions and discussion, assigned readings, completing and submitting assignments, regularly meeting with your colleague(s) to communicate and complete assignments, participating in webinars, etc. This PD course is approximately 20-25 hours.

3) Full participation and completion of coursework of at least one DL instructor with current or future instructional responsibility for DL learners. You can enroll more than one instructor or support staff.

DL 101/102 Application and Review Process:
1) All applicants should review the DL 101 information on the state DL web site:
And, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under Training Resources, download, open and view the PowerPoint titled ‘PD History and Development Model’ in the Toolkit under Training Resources.

2) The ABE manager must complete this online DL 101 Application and submit it by September 20, 2019.

3) The Tech and DL Supplemental Services Grant Team will review all required application materials and notify selected MN ABE programs and participants by September 30, 2019. Before finalizing enrollment in the course, Cathy Grady will have a phone conversation with managers of selected programs to confirm your understanding of coursework expectations.

Distance Learning 101 Course Content:
This introductory course is designed for teachers and managers without extensive experience with distance learning. Participating teachers and managers work together in a cohort of peers from around the state to address critical issues in distance learning and create a plan for their program/site. This course covers best practices in Recruitment, Screening and Orientation, Instruction, and Assessment. Participants can expect to spend at least 18 hours working on PD activities over the course of the year, as well as additional time implementing new programming at your site.

• Distance Learning Kick-Off in St. Paul – full day in-person meeting on Friday October 11, 2019 at the Hubbs Center in St. Paul.
• Weekly readings, online course discussion, assignments, and DL site plan development (October – December 2019)
• Implementation of site plan (January – April 2020)
• Monthly support webinar series (January – April 2020)
• Focus Group Wrap up Webinar; CEUs and stipends awarded (May 2020)

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Please list the distance learning instructor(s)/staff from your program or consortium who will participate (2-3 maximum). List their names, work emails and phone numbers. *
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Stipends are available to assist with your participation costs. Who can make arrangements for signing of contracts/invoicing of reimbursement costs? Please write their name, work email and phone number. *
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Has anyone who currently works at your site/ program participated in DL professional development before? *
If 'Yes,' who has participated before, and, if you know, what DL PD did they complete?
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Approximately how many learners does your program serve per week? *
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Approximately how many learners do you currently have enrolled in some for of distance learning each month? *
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Approximately how many DL proxy hours does your program generate each month? *
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Which distance learning platforms do you currently use? *
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What is the most common distance learning model at your site? *
Approximately how many instructors and staff do you have engaged in distance learning, including hybrid or blended classes? *
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With which learner groups/types have you tried distance learning? *
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Please write a short paragraph describing how you currently 'do' distance learning. For example, how do you recruit learners? How do you orient them? How do you screen for good candidates? How do you follow up with them? How do you assess them? What do you do well? What are your challenges? *
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Please write a short paragraph about what you hope to achieve in the area of distance learning over the next couple years. What are your DL goals? What targets would you like to hit in terms of enrollment numbers or proxy hours? What would a successful DL program at your site/program look like? *
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Please write a short paragraph about the DL platform(s) you are most interested in and the target learner population(s) you are most eager to reach with your DL efforts. *
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Implementing new distance learning programming may require changes to staffing and/or class schedule or structure. What changes in your program delivery would you be willing to consider? *
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